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Tambrook Bead & Trade began importing Beads from TOHO in 1998 and it has been a rewarding relationship.  
On our first trip to Japan we were already buying from TOHO but thought that we might want to carry Matsuno or Miyuki also.  We visited with Matsuno but came back from that meeting and cancelled our meeting with Miyuki because we didn’t want to deal with any company but TOHO.  It was a very wise decision on our part!
When we first started the business TOHO did not have much of a presence in the American market but we set out to change that by implementing several new strategies which have proven to be effective.  I can proudly say that I played a large part in that increase in their presence.
In March 2014 my inventory was purchased by Starman Inc. and I am no longer involved in bead sales.  However,  that does not mean that I am leaving the TOHO family.  My goal is to continue to promote TOHO Beads and to support their growth in the market.  
If you have any questions about TOHO Beads or Team TOHO please let me know.
Kim Tamarin