Kim & Aly

Our name, Tamashii, means “soul, spirit” and is represented by the kanji in our logo.
Kim & Aly are cousins that have discovered a shared interest in beading.   
kimKim – For many years I have worked mainly with peyote  &  St. Petersburg stitch.  A couple of years ago I learned the ancient art of kumihimo when Adrienne Gaskell was a guest in our home and she shared her extensive knowledge of the technique.  It has opened up a whole new world of beading for me as I can now combine all three stitches in many of my designs.  The soothing rhythm of the tama, while braiding, makes designing a soothing experience.
Aly – I have always collected stones and love their uniqueness and beauty.  Learning beading opened up a world of creative possibilities which continues to grow and evolve.  Playing with colors and watching something grow brings me great joy and the hope that whoever wears it will feel the love with which it was created.