Bead Weaving


Off-loom beadweaving is a family of techniques in which seed beads (TOHO our preferred Japanese beads) are woven together into a flat piece or a three-dimensional piece such as jewelry.  All off-loom techniques can be done using a single needle and thread however some have a two-needle variation

These leaves were done with St. Petersburg stitch on a peyote stitch base.

Different stitches produce pieces with distinct textures, shapes, and patterns. There are a number of different off-loom bead stitches, including:

Peyote – also known as gourd stitch

Brick – also known as Comanche or Cheyenne stitch


Herringbone – also known as Ndebele

Pondo – also known as African Circle

Right Angle Weave

Triangle Weave

Bead Netting

African Helix

Dutch Spiral

St. Petersburg