Bead Stringing


Bead stringing is the putting of beads on a string

It can range from simply sliding a single bead onto any thread-like medium (string, silk thread, leather thong, thin wire multi-stranded beading wire, or a soft, flexible wire) to complex creations that have multiple strands or interwoven levels. The choice of stringing medium can be an important point in the overall design, since string-type mediums might be subject to unwanted stretching if the weight of the beads is considerable. Similarly, certain bead types with sharp edges, such as hollow metal beads or some varieties of stone or glass, might abrade string and cause the strand to eventually break.

The simplest design would be a single bead centered as a focal point on the string medium. The ends of the string could be simply knotted together or components of a clasp might be attached to each end.